Stereolithography (SLA)

Stereolithography is a rapid prototyping process used for large, complex geometries.This process utilizes a UV laser to "draw" a two dimensional image of the geometry's cross-section into a photopolymer resin. The laser is controlled by the 3D CAD database of your geometry.

Stereolithography SLA PartWherever the laser makes contact with the resin the resin polymerizes. This is done one layer or "slice" (.002"-.006") at a time until the 3 dimensional model is complete. The model is then removed from the machine, "rinsed" of unpolymerized resin and cured to its final properties under UV lamps. Extraneous rigid support structure and build lines can then be removed from the model. Advantages of SLA are rapid turnaround and complex builds (i.e. undercuts, deep drafts & corners) for larger, less detailed geometries.

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