The cutting edge in rapid-prototyping, Objet's unique high-end capabilities set a new paradigm for creating three-dimensional models. Based on PolyJet photopolymer-jetting technology and featuring outstanding surface features and amazing super-fine details with the finest resolution of horizontal layers in the market, 16 microns (0.0006"), we can build thin walls down to 0.6 mm (0.024") and eliminate the stair step effect typical of SLA models. The unique jetting process delivers top-quality, accurate, clean, smooth and detailed prototypes, at high speed. The jetting head slides back and forth along the X-axis, like an inkjet printer, depositing a single-layer of photopolymer onto the build tray. Immediately after jetting each layer, UV bulbs alongside the jetting bridge emit UV light, curing and hardening each layer subsequently.

OBJET 3D POLYJET PRINTINGTwo different materials are used for building: one material is used for the actual model, while a second, gel-like photopolymer material is used for support. When the model is completed, a water jet removes this support material. There are no remaining physical supports touching the model, eliminating mandatory finishing and post-building process, which allows for functional assemblies to be built as a single model and amazing surface detail right off the machine. Key Features & Benefits of PolyJet technology are:

  • Super-fine detail and resolution (x-600dpi, y-600dpi, z-.0006" layers)
  • Rapid turnaround and complex builds (i.e. undercuts, deep drafts & corners)
  • Clean, smooth interior and exterior surfaces (no remnants of rigid support structures)
  • Good impact strength & elongation enables snap fit and functional applications
  • Multiple material options offering choices in color, properties, & durometer
  • No post processing required, models are fully cured right off the tray
  • Model surfaces readily accept paint & can be machined, plated, or used as a mold


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